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Jodi Awards 2015

The next Jodi Awards will be in 2015. Nominations are now open! See our Awards page

Jodi Awards presented at the Museums Association Conference, November 2013

Winners and Commendations

Award for Access Planning and User Engagement

Award for Access Planning and User Engagement, and Impact

International Award for Digital Access Online

  • Association Valentin Hauy – Eole

Commendation for Innovation

Commendation for Innovation

Commendation for Innovation

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Unfolding human and cultural potential

Our vision is of a world in which disabled people enjoy full cultural equality. In this world disabled people hold both equal access to information and cultural experience through and within digital media, but also equal opportunity as participants, creators, co-creators, artists and employees in the cultural sector.

Our mission is to promote the cultural equality of disabled people through the use of accessible digital media; the provision of accessible information and learning content; the involvement of disabled people in the process of creation, design and evaluation of digital media.

Who we are

The Jodi Awards are being run for the first time this year by a committee of volunteers on behalf of the Jodi Mattes Trust.  The members of the committee are drawn from the museum and heritage sector, and you can find out more about them here...

Aims 2011-2014

Our Forward Plan for 2013 is a contribution to  our Aims for 2011-2014 :

AIM 1 - promote good practice
We will contribute towards a cultural sector that is knowledgeable and skilled in order to widen cultural participation of disabled people.

AIM 2 - raise awareness
We will raise the profile of digital inclusion for disabled people through the Jodi Awards and communication online, at events and in print media. 

AIM 3 - promote cultural rights of disabled people
We will promote the the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability, article 30.

AIM 4 - become sustainable
We will undertake every effort to achieve long-term sustainability and growth to fully meet our potential.

Our Strategic Aims 2011-14 document was written at a time when our small trust had a part-time Director (paid 1 day per week) and could plan for expansion. The Museums, Libaries and Archives Council (MLA) was abolished by government at the end of 2011, and with it went our main source of funding. Disability equality is a funding criterion for most UK cultural funders, but most do fund "front-line" services at the expense of national and strategic initiatives for which we have been set up. 

To meet AIM 4 - become sustainable; we are establishing a Committee of Volunteers in 2012 to manage the Jodi Awards 2013.

Our Strategic Aims 2011-14 document reflects more optimistic times and some of our targets could not be met, such as developing badly needed guidance on digital access. Not meeting those targets is a loss for disabled people and whole cultural sector. You may wish to look at the Values which continue to inspire us.

Strategic Aims 2011-14 pdf

The Trustees

  • Ross Parry, Senior Lecturer (School of Museum Studies) and Academic Director (College of Arts, Humanities and Law) University of Leicester (chair)

  • Matthew Cock, Head of Web, The British Museum (treasurer)

  • John Vincent (secretary), Networker, The Network – tackling social exclusion in libraries, museums, archives and galleries

  • Marcus Weisen, International Adviser, European Centre for Cultural Accessibility

Digital technology provides tremendous opportunities for a shared experience of library, archive, museum, gallery and heritage collections for disabled people. This may be via assistive technology, e-books, websites, mobile technology or interactive displays in museums.

The Jodi Awards Winners offer powerful inspiration at a time that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (2008) recognises the right of disabled people to take part in cultural life on an equal basis.

Christine Claus
Secretary-General of the Department for Culture, Youth, Sports and Media of the Flemish Government, presenting the International Jodi Awards, European Congress on e-Inclusion, September 2010.

The Jodi Awards are hugely inspiring. They showcase many ways of digital inclusion for disabled people, who have a right to the same choices and benefits than those who take digital media for granted.

Martha Lane Fox
UK Digital Champion, presenting the UK Jodi Awards,
Victoria and Albert Museum
, December 2009.